The Importance of Curating Your Next Portrait Session

Because a photo session is an investment in yourself, LightSpell Portraiture’s Angelecia works with you to develop a creative plan for stunning, timeless photos. This blog will discuss the workflow of how clients book a photography session and the importance of scouting locations for the day of your photo shoot.

All portrait sessions begin with a questionnaire and planning to develop the artistic creative process, where you will work with LightSpell Portraiture in selecting a custom location on the day of your session. Angelecia believes the session location is foundational to setting the tone of the image just as the setting would be vital to a story. Whether the location is public, private, carries sentimental value, or just unique aesthetically, Angelecia will ensure your images tell a story-your story!  Angelecia’s process is a unique one where she gets to ‘know’ you through energetic discernment, using this information, Angelecia custom curates a session for each individual she photographs. 

Questionnaire and Planning

With a background in social work and as a military police veteran, Angelecia understand the importance of good strategy. Upon session inquiry, a client questionnaire will be sent via email to be completed. This comprehensive questionnaire is for gathering key information about you and assists Angelecia as she aligns your session goals with her creative vision. The purpose of this questionnaire is to select an ideal session location, assist in wardrobe planning, and sort out the finer details so that you can show up to session day stress free! During this questionnaire process, Angelecia begins to get a ‘feel’ for who you are individually and uses this gathered information to build your perfect session.

After this questionnaire is completed, you’ll pick a date to take photos. Once Angelecia reviews your questionnaire, you will receive a list of available dates and times along with a link to pay the session retainer. This link for the retainer acts as a deposit and gives you time to invest while also securing your session date. However, dates do tend to fill up quickly, especially pertaining to senior portraits and wedding commissions, please contact Angelecia to inquire about your date today.

On the day of your portrait session with Angelecia of LightSpell Portraiture, you’ll find that she is ready to coach you, pin dresses, fix that stray hair, and show you the best hidden locations in or around Pittsburgh, PA. If you’re sometimes a little camera-shy, don’t worry, Angelecia can prompt and entertain people to get the most relaxed and artistic session results- a session with Angelecia is truly a mini adventure full of fun.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Photography Session Location Scouting

Location scouting is one critical aspect of planning photography, involving the meticulous search for ideal settings to enhance visual storytelling. Photographers explore diverse environments, considering lighting, backgrounds, and aesthetics to match the intended mood and theme. Urban landscapes, natural wonders, and architectural gems are all potential canvases. The goal is to pre-visualize compositions, anticipate challenges, and maximize creative potential. Effective location scouting ensures that each photoshoot unfolds seamlessly, capturing your essence within a carefully chosen backdrop. 

In recent years, urban exploration has become more popular. Think of scenes that include textured walls, graffiti backgrounds, decaying houses, or enchanted, forest settings. When you book your portrait session, you will have access to some locations only available through LightSpell Portraiture. While Armstrong County includes many abandoned, isolated, rural and undiscovered areas, some locations are on private property. By working with Angelecia, you’ll gain exclusive access to hidden old schoolhouses, barns, plus insider tips and tricks on where to find the rustic locations.

Armstrong County’s Hidden Locations

Located about 45-minutes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. Armstrong County boasts a rich industrial heritage. The manufacturing landscape in this part of Western Pennsylvania includes: glassmaking, ceramic, iron furnaces, electronics, and even graphite. In the 19th century, Armstrong County played a pivotal role in the iron industry, with numerous iron furnaces dotting the landscape. The county's abundant natural resources, including natural gas, iron ore, and limestone, fueled the growth of manufacturing. 

As industries have changed in Pennsylvania, Armstrong County has remained resilient and adaptable. From iron and glass to graphite, the county's manufacturing heritage is a tapestry of industries that have left an indelible mark on its economic and cultural fabric. Today, as the region continues to evolve, many of these scenes pay homage to its manufacturing roots while embracing new opportunities for growth and development.

Good curation is a mix of being knowledgeable about the past while embracing current trends. Angelecia is fueled by her passion of juxtaposition and the expressive potential found in mixing the old with the new.

Angelecia can’t wait to work with you on your next photo session!