New Year’s is fast approaching and with the new calendar year comes updated goals and lists to check off. If you’re planning a new, intimate family photoshoot, art portrait headshot, couple’s photo session, or even a surprise boudoir photo with your valentine, Lightspell Portraiture has organized a feast of links to help channel your inner creativity.


For newly engaged couples and those planning a wedding–micro weddings, pop-ups, and small, intimate party weddings continue to dominate. According to Statista Research Department, “Couples in the United States spend the most on weddings. As of 2019, a wedding in the United States cost on average 29.2 thousand U.S. dollars”. However, even as wedding party sizes have gotten smaller, more brides have decided to go luxe on the elements that matter.

If you’ve been watching Instagram or Pinterest to style your wedding, it’s obvious Cottagecore isn’t going anywhere. Snug details, warm lighting, and rustic palettes will sparkle–perhaps reminding us of Pantone’s 2024 color of the year “Peach Fuzz”.


If you’re looking to improve your LinkedIn profile or company photo with a fresh corporate headshot, then borrow a page from fashion. Elevate your portrait with warm, emotional lighting, sharp contrast, and accessories that add vibrancy to your personal brand.

Earlier this year, photographer Ruby Jean went viral for her goddess-style photoshoots of women with metallic crowns and golden hues. Here you’ll see accessories add a bit of pop and bohemian chic glamor in natural settings.

Finally, each year, Pinterest Predicts offers a visual smörgåsbord of forecasting based on searches. From Groovy Nupitals to Jazz Revivals and even cozy Rest Stops, explore these refreshed styles to get excited for your next photography session.


Sometimes photoshoots can make us feel vulnerable but by choosing outdoor natural or indoor lighting settings, you’ll find your own, unique mode for self-expression that lead to empowerment and self-love.

Continuing many of the vintage, vamp, and 70’s trends of the fall, 2024 will feature everything from woven braids to velvet prints. Explore images in Harper’s Bazaar from New York Fashion Week to plan for 2024.


Capture more than a milestone when you scout obscure, playful artscapes for your 2024 Pittsburgh graduation. By picking colorful graffiti walls, well-designed outdoor backgrounds, textured buildings, or geometric settings–you’ll find ways to continue to stand out. No one forgets a senior portrait that adds a bit of personality through funky compositions.

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